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All narrative and data captured can be provided in either spreadsheet or document form for the clients ease of analysis, editing and presentation.

We will deliver the final audit report by your choice of:

  • Hard copy bound booklets with exhibits
  • CD ROM with documents, spreadsheets and PDF files
  • E-mail with attachments
  • FTP retrieval  (Username & Password needed)

We capture all pertinent information specific to the handling of files in a database and present it to the client in a manner that facilitates the focus on any identified positive or negative trends. 

The timely delivery of the final report or analysis is crucial.  The first draft of the audit report is delivered to the client within 10 business days of the final day of the on site visit.

If after the receipt of our finalized report, the need to discuss any details of our observations or recommendations arises, Praxis will be available to discuss and clarify at no additional hourly charge.


It is crucial that we assist our clients in developing the most efficient and effective means of communicating any adopted recommendations to the claim facility.



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