Integrity, Service & Price

If you are contemplating a relationship with a potential TPA, Praxis can:

  • Pre-qualify them
  • Help you to create a Request for Proposal "RFP"
  • Assist you in the review of TPA bids in response to your published RFP
  • Conduct on site visits of the final contenders to confirm the minimum requirements as put forth in the bids
  • Assist in the review of the proposed contract to be sure that the client's services required are properly represented
  • Help you to decide on the most advantageous pricing structure for your specific situation   

Our confirmation process includes but is not limited to the review of:    

  • Claim facility organizational chart
  • Claims staff (CV’s/resumes/tenure)
  • Licensing of employees (individual, corporate or reciprocal)
  • Workload/reports by adjuster
  • Litigation inventory
  • Claim administration procedures
  • TPA claim system and reporting/access capabilities
  • Existing or template TPA agreements if available 
  • Large loss reporting procedure and report format
  • Claim authorities of adjusters and supervisors
  • Confirmation of and review of claim manual
  • Coverage verification procedure
  • Diary procedure for adjusters and supervisors (manual/mechanized)
  • Recovery procedures (salvage/subrogation/contribution)
  • Catastrophe plan
  • Management of outside counsel (Litigation Management)
  • Management of other vendors
  • Certificate of incorporation or LLC
  • Reference checking with existing clients 
  • Confirmation of professional liablity coverage
  • Confirmation of Fair Claims Act compliance
  • Background information requests (corporate and individual)
  • Criminal and litigation history checks (corporate and individual)   


Praxis Claims Consulting