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Litigation expense costs account for the largest portion of overall claim expenses and if not properly managed, will cut into the profitability of your book of business. 


Praxis can tailor our review to focus specifically on the litigation management process.  The review would be conducted against your established litigation management guidelines or our own if one does not exist.  We will then provide a report providing analysis and recommendations. 


Our guidelines include the following listed criteria and the associated sub categories and are utilized in the assessment of the overall quality of the litigation management process and to provide a benchmark from which you can compare future progress.

The numerous subcategories under each of the listed criteria are customizable to each client: 

  • Counsel Selection, Insured Acknowledgment & Suit Transmittal
  • Initial Case Evaluation, Proposed Litigation Plan & Budget Submission
  • Response to Initial Case Evaluation, Agreed Litigation Plan, & Budget
  • Expense Management & Billing Procedures
  • Significant Development Status & Pre-Trial reporting
  • Disposition Strategy
  • Post Trial analysis

Praxis can provide input and resources to assist in the revision of the existing litigation management guidelines and we can also provide litigation management training to your staff.

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