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Mediations and Settlement Conferences

It is not always practical for the insurer or re-insurer to attend mediations or settlement conferences due to geographic or capacity reasons.  When that situation occurs, and the insurer or re-insurer is required to have a representative with settlement authority in attendance, we can fulfill that role. 

Prior to attendance Praxis would review the subject case independently, with you and/or your defense counsel and attend on your behalf with settlement authority.

During the settlement conference or mediation, Praxis would be your eyes and ears.  We would monitor and analyze the case development and report back to you as needed so that you will be able to have a view of the proceedings independent of your defense counsel who can quite often have a different perspective of the case due to their representaion and obligation to your insured.

All offers and counter offers can be communicated in real time if needed, or Praxis can negotiate on your behalf.

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