Claims Oversight

Praxis can oversee the claims handling operations of a third-party administrator or your own internal claims unit.

Praxis’ proactive approach to claims oversight involves day to day supervision and file reviews to ensure the claims handling for your organization is in accordance with industry best practices.  We provide written reports every ninety days and conduct monthly roundtable discussions with the claims staff to address your most severe and complicated claims.  

While Praxis utilizes the claims data to assess trends, our process is not one of automation, metrics, and benchmarking to outline claim efficiencies.  We serve as a second set of eyes for your claims operation and work to assure that claim handling adheres to best practices in the areas of coverage analysis, investigations, reserving, litigation management, and claim resolution.  

 Let Praxis’ vast experience in claims management work for you!  Contact Praxis to learn more!

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