Other Services

Captive Services

The management and oversight of claims being handled by either a captive claims staff or TPA can consume a large amount of time and resources that may not be readily available. Praxis can provide services to ensure standards of performance while providing oversight and direction for the captive claims services.

Run-off Management

Once a program goes into run-off it is imperative that adequate resources continue to be dedicated to the handling of outstanding claims. A failure to pro-actively manage a tail portfolio creates volatility and immediate risk to the bottom line. Praxis can provide complete run-off oversight or periodically review the claim files to ensure proper handling.

Expert Witness

Praxis’ experience in claims, litigation and alternative dispute resolution provides us with the foundation to provide expert testimony relating to liability issues, injury settlement ranges, fair claims practices, bad faith litigation, contractual disputes, and insurer vs. TPA litigation.

Settlement Conferences

Praxis can serve as your representative during mediations and settlement conferences. Prior to attendance, Praxis will review the case with the insurer as well as assigned counsel. All offers can be communicated in real time or Praxis can negotiate on your behalf within the approved authority.

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