Fundamentals of Adjusting

In-depth training for new or inexperienced claims handlers which incorporates industry best practices as well as your organization’s own claims handling guidelines.  

The biggest obstacle facing claims handling organizations in today’s environment is staffing.  Companies struggle to find qualified individuals to fill the role of claims handlers and many times need to resort to finding someone with limited or no experience.  This has given claims operations two choices, utilize the claims manager to train the new employee (taking time away from their other duties) or having the new employee take a self-study or designation course (which usually take 9-12 months to complete).  

Fundamentals of Adjusting is an offering by Praxis to provide in-depth training that incorporates industry best practices as well as your organization’s claims handling guidelines.  Fundamentals of Adjusting is offered in four distinct specialties:

  • Liability
  • Property
  • Auto
  • Workers’ Compensation
Each of these specialties will have five “live” virtual training modules, each module being 90-120 minutes in length.  Praxis will conduct one module of training once a week for five weeks.

Initial Processes- Coverage Analysis, Compensability, Immunities, Initial Contacts, Investigation
Life Cycle of the Claim-  Liability Assessment, Damage Evaluation, Reserving, specific to WC- Medical Management, Lost Time, MMI, PPD

File Management- Claim File Documentation, Plans of Action, Diary Management, State Forms-Reporting
Introduction to Advanced Aspects-  Litigation Management, Vendor Management, Negotiations, Contribution, Subrogation, Medicare
Adjuster Toolbox- Communication, Caseload Management, Time Management, Practical Tips 

Approximately sixty days following the completion of the training modules, Praxis will schedule a remote claim review of ten files and provide a narrative report outlining the results.  Praxis will conduct a final virtual session to discuss the results of the claim review and provide follow-up training in any identified areas of need.  

The cost per employee/attendee for each virtual five module training, claim review of ten files, narrative report of findings, and final wrap-up/training session is $3,400.  If a client enrolls multiple attendees, then there is a 10% discount per attendee.  

If clients desire to have on-site immersive training to be conducted over the course of two days at their place of business for multiple employees, Praxis can provide a quote to include a flat fee cost which would include travel expenses.   

Contact Praxis to schedule your training or to obtain more information!  

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