Signs of Adjuster Burnout!

Claims professionals work in a high stress atmosphere.  COVID has added on even more stressors both personal and professional.  A good day may still result in them having more work than what they started with.  Even your most dedicated and talented staff can have difficulty dealing with these ever-mounting stressors.  In this post, we outline some “warning signs” of claim handler burnout to alert you when staff may be reaching the breaking point. 

Warning Signs!

Identifying warning signs is the initial step in reducing the impact of stress and potential burnout of claims staff.  If experienced and trained staff begin to exhibit some of the following signs, then it might be time to intervene and offer assistance (you should always consult with your human resources department).

  • Complaints about the adjuster not returning claim inquiries from claimants or members/clients (email or phone messages). 
  • Overdue diaries
  • Delays in processing invoices (getting 2nd & 3rd requests)
  • Payments on closed claims (avoiding potential disputes of compensability)
  • Lack of response to supervisory review/direction
  • Small issues produce a strong emotional reaction
  • More frequent time missed from work
  • Delays in correspondence and documentation being entered into the claims management system
  • Significant changes in closure rates for claim files

The scenario most likely to facilitate burnout is a high adjuster caseload; however, that is not the only scenario. 

Awareness is the key to ensure that you are focusing on the well-being of not only your staff yet your entire claims operation. 

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